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Your business is unique.  Understanding what different policy types cover is important to match your business insurance needs to what policy coverage. Knowing what coverage is mandatory and what business insurance is optional allows you, the business owner, to control the business insurance budget.

We offer the following insurance options:



Life Insurance - Life insurance is key to a sound financial plan. Understanding the difference between term and permanent protection is important when purchasing.  As independent agents, we will match your life insurance needs with the proper product, carrier and budget.

Long-Term Care - If you are over 55, this will be the most important insurance you can purchase.  These plans can be affordable.

Disability Insurance - If you lose the ability to work, you can lose everything you owe on.  This insurance pays your bills if you are disabled.

Health Insurance - As of January 2014, you will be able to purchase individual health insurance on the federal exchange.

Personal Insurance